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The City

Gurgaon, a city in the northern Indian state of Haryana, was earlier known to be a sleepy town on the suburbs of the Capital City, Delhi. However, it is a story long ago. Today's Gurgaon is regarded as a synonym to development. With developments in this city of Haryana running fast on track, it would not be wrong to say that a small effort has really come a long way.

Gurgaon bustles in the present day and has become one of the most preferred choices for upcoming companies

settling up in Delhi. GE, Coca Cola, Pepsi, New York Life, Baxter, Wipro, Nestle are there and more are coming in. Situated on the highway from Delhi to Jaipur, which is on the verge to become the busiest with the government of both the states putting in efforts for economic growth and infrastructure expansion.

The international airport is shared by Gurgaon to the same level as Delhi. The new highway

Now, Gurgaon is on its verge to become a hi-tech city, accounting for a substantial portion of the nation's investments and profits, both in the public and private sector. The new Gurgaon Master Plan 2021 will give a boost to bits makeover from a developing city to a fully developed one.

The eight lane toll expressway between Gurgaon and the Capital city operational in April 2007 will provide Gurgaon with the fast connectivity to all major places including Delhi International airport and Dhaula Kuan in Delhi over a distance of 28 kilometers, and include 7 flyovers and 5 underpasses along the stretch.

Quality of life in the privately owned estates in Gurgaon is something that attracts high middle class people to look towards to have a permanent home in the city. Offering an enticing array of facilities, Gurgaonites enjoy an exclusive lifestyle with no hassles at all.

Water supply, electricity supply, guarded security, common area maintenance and sanitation are the factors being a de-facto norm than an exception. Road layout in Gurgaon has apparently improved; it is of much better quality as compared to the other big and influential cities of the country.

With initiatives of the Haryana Government, Gurgaon is likely to become a major hub of special economic zones (SEZs). A big-size SEZ spread over an area of 3000 acres, with a whopping cost of Rs 2060 crore, near Garhi Harsaru in Gurgaon district, has been sanctioned in principle by the government. About 2,400 units are slated to come up in the zone, generating the employment prospects for over 60,000 workers and boosting exports of around Rs. 42,000 crore.

The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and Gurgaon administration have fastened their seat belts to take Gurgaon social infrastructure to new heights. From food parks to housing complexes and SEZ to express highways, this cyber city of Haryana is the true reflection of modern India.

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