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The changes sweeping the country have been so rapid in the last decade that non-resident Indians either on a visit or planning a permanent return are left groping for information. Fortunately, the internet has shrunk distances and fostered the growth of an online assortment of services which caters to the specific requests of NRIs before, during and after their visit to India.

The needs of NRIs could vary from payment of bills in their absence, to getting their children admitted to reputed schools, to arranging family occasions and get-togethers, or to getting the best possible medical treatment for self or a relative in India.

With the spread of online services, a NRI these days is quite at ease as soon as he arrives in India, with car rental services, airport transfers, hotel accommodation, sightseeing trips, online booking of air and train tickets, and pre-paid telecom services arranged for even before he lands.

While NRIs serve their term abroad, several personal matters are sorted out through online professional services such as filing of tax returns, collecting and depositing rent on property and payment of insurance premium.

Similarly, overseas Indians returning home are better equipped to handle re-location blues with the deft handling of major worries on a well-appointed accommodation, a reputed school, availing a car loan, opening a bank account, and making investments

NRI property buyers are relying heavily on online services at a small fee, as against depending on their friends and relatives to maintain their properties. Apart from assisting NRIs in selecting, purchasing and leasing property, personalized services for NRIs are extending to security services to keep a watch on their assets in their absence.

Furthermore, online legal services are a boon to NRIs who are entangled in litigation in India. Legal solutions and off-court mediation services by legal experts have brought much relief to overseas Indians who are unable to attend to these issues personally.

Touching the NRI emotionally and spiritually, virtual prayer rooms and offerings to deities in temples in India have caught the fancy of overseas Indians. Internet services are also fulfilling the wishes of NRIs who have lost their loved ones during their stay abroad, taking on the responsibility of having the ashes immersed in the holy rivers in India.

The gamut of on-line services for NRIs is infinite, and ever growing to meet individual requirements. At NRI Realty News, we offer customised solutions to meet your needs. So, if you have a specific requirement, do contact us.


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