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Hyderabad Emerges as the New Investment Hotspot for NRI's
Monday, December 31, 2007

Hyderabad is rapidly becoming a hot investment hub for NRI's, more and more NRI's are investing in Hyderabad real estate as luxury housing segment is on an upsurge. Hundreds of US firms and biggest IT heads want to invest in Hyderabad real estate.

The city which is popular for its Pearls and Minars is proud to have one of the most enhanced life style when compared to other cities. If you see the water and electricity in percentage Hyderabad it is apparently better than Mumbai and Delhi. One can see outstanding environment and living space here. The overall growth of Hyderabad is enlarging with every passing day.

This is the best time to own a piece of land in the prime areas of this city. In the past few years Hyderabad has witnessed massive Real estate growth. There has been a magnificent improvement in the residential and commercial sectors. The past six months have seen 30-40% growth in Indian realty Estate primarily due to global corporate giants who have selected the metropolitan cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad as these cities has excellent education system, larger pools and better standard of living.

The government of Andhra Pradesh has taken several steps to improve Hyderabad in to a modern city. The booming Hyderabad real estate has also brought good time for people residing there. Government has brought improvisation in 24 hours water supply and best ever facility for electricity. Many people have paid few thousands on Hyderabad real estate believing high return on investment in upcoming future. Generally people buy property and rent it here as renting is best source of earning on real estate.

Even the working lot invests their money on real estate in Hyderabad as the sector is continuing to drive its force from IT industry. Though the interest rates may be little high, economic prosperity is the chief force for boom in Hyderabad real estate. When widely look, the main factor for India growth is India real estate and this is the major contributor for India's GDP. In turn Hyderabad real estate is as well a contributor to India's GDP as the market is spurred by growth of software and BPO business.



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