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Global convention for Goan NRIs
Saturday, August 30, 2008

Commissioner for NRI Affairs Eduardo Faleiro has announced plans to hold a yearly global convention of Goan NRIs that are home to significant expat Goan populations. This way, he said, it would allow the participation of those not able to come to Goa for expat meetings and also provide for greater involvement of expatriates. He spoke of plans to "unite" Goan organisations, both within Goa and overseas, under "one global network based in Goa". He made this statement after returning from Toronto, Canada, where a convention of Goans was held, following one in Lisbon, Portugal, the previous year.

"On the sidelines of the convention, I discussed with the Goan organisations there modalities for redressal of grievances of non-resident Goans," Faleiro said in a statement here. Goan organisations are to nominate one representative based in Goa for each country with substantial Goan populations, who would submit expat grievances to the local NRI office including disputes related to property. "Our office will then forward the complaints to the concerned departments and expect redressal within a month," Faleiro promised. "When this is not possible we will issue a status report every month to the concerned individual, indicating the progress in the settlement of his grievance until the matter is finally resolved," he added.

Faleiro, a former union minister in the 1980s and 1990s, said a global Goans office would be set up in Panaji by next December. He said that he met the Canadian minister for small business and consumer affairs Harinder Takkar, of Indian origin. "Mr. Takkar felt that NRIs who have distinguished themselves particularly in the technological and economic fields should be co opted as members of boards and corporations in India so that their expertise would benefit the country and the different states of India," Faleiro added. He said this suggestion deserved "sympathetic consideration" and would not burden the local exchequer as only those who come regularly to India on their own cost would be nominated.



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